Blues 1 with MarleeJalen 
In this class you’ll learn the playful, rhythmic nature of blues movement and blues partner dancing. A complete Blues 1 education consists of 6 topics lasting 1 month each. 


Pre-requisites: None Class Format: Month-long progressive, starts the first Thursday of every month
Time & Place:  9:00pm - 9:50pm Thursdays in the side ballroom.

  • Includes DJed Blues Practice 10pm to midnight in the side ballroom and DJed Swing Practice* 9pm to 10pm in the main ballroom
  • No general admission. You must purchase series lessons to attend LindyGroove.
  • ‚ÄčNo walk-ins. Must be purchased online the night before LindyGroove. (Wednesday 11:59pm)
  • Vaccination Required, Masks required, rotation optional, limited capacity
  • On your first visit show your vaccination card, photo ID and LindyGroove QR Code. Once we add your photo to your account you will check-in with only your QR code. Super speedy like a Disney Annual Pass!
  • Purchase at least 2 days before the first class (by Tuesday 11:59 PM) and save $5. 

Note: This is a 6-month series. Start any month. If you miss a month, not to fear — that topic will come back around in 5 months!

Dance Yourself First January / July 
Jazzy Blues February / August 
Jukin’ Blues March / September 
We Shape the Dance Together April / October
Blues Connections May / November
Idiom Dances (rotating topic) June / December

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